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Metropolitan Melbourne Organics Plan announced

The Victorian Government has announced a $3.8 million package to support and develop organics recycling across Melbourne.

The Metropolitan Organics Plan and funding package announced by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith, will help build a network of new organics recycling facilities for metropolitan Melbourne and help develop viable markets for the end-product, composts and fertilisers.

The first step in the process will be the development of a new facility to be built by Veolia Environmental Services at Bulla, north of Melbourne. The new facility will take tonnes of food and garden waste from 11 councils in Melbourne’s north and process it into valuable compost. This will be supported by additional facilities in the south east and east of Melbourne.

Read the minister’s media release here.

The $3.8 Million package of funding for organics across Melbourne recently announced will focus on:

  1. Procurement of infrastructure
  2. Site facilitation
  3.  Improving transfer options
  4.  Communication and education
  5. Complementary opportunities of commercial organics - these are organics, predominantly food organics, collected from commercial operators that can potentially be processed through municipal organics processing facilities. MWMG will work with Sustainability Victoria to identify the opportunities with regard to commercial organics.
  6. Market development for organic products, visit Sustainability Victoria’s website


Read more about organics here.

Last Updated: Friday, 08 June 2012