Our green office

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group aims to continually improve the environmental sustainability of our operations by minimising waste and being mindful of efficient resource use across the organisation.

We recycle over 88% of waste generated at our office through commingled recycling, paper and cardboard recycling and soft plastics recycling. Our organic waste is also recovered and recycled into compost.

Approx. 80% of our staff commute sustainably (i.e. use public transport, cycle, walk, or carpool to and from work).

Every year we conduct an office environmental audit to capture data on the amount of waste taken to landfill, the generation of recyclables, the impact of transport, energy and water usage as well as the extent of green procurement for office supplies. We have improved year-on-year and remain committed to exploring new ways to make the organisation’s office an even greener, more environmentally-friendly place to work.

These are our targets for 2018/19 (please click on the image to enlarge):


Sustainability Targets 18 19

When we relocated our office in June 2015 we achieved a 91% landfill avoidance rate by adopting a policy of reusing, reselling or recycling items from our old office using the Egans Wise Office Furniture Progam.



Green downloads

  • Kitchen Recycling Signs Other 156 KB

    Use these signs in your office kitchen to help people to recycle correctly. (Please check that your waste and recycling service accepts the same items as they may differ).

Last updated: 11/09/2018