Farmers' Stories

The Back to Earth Initiative has visited farmers and growers using compost collected from Melbourne kerbsides.

Watch the videos below to hear their stories. 

Growth - Dairy Farmer Tim, Gippsland

Green waste from Melbourne’s household kerbside collections is helping grass grow for dairy cows in Gippsland. It’s coming back to you as fresh milk!

Transformation - Kennaugh's Garden Centre, Echuca

Your household green waste is helping gardens bloom. Find out how compost made from green waste is nourishing seedlings at Kennaugh’s Garden Centre.

The Back to Earth Initiative

Follow the journey of your green waste after it’s picked up at the kerb, and meet the farmers who are using it to nourish their soils and grow our food for the future.

Balance - Bindi Wines, Macedon Ranges

Next time you enjoy a nice glass of red, think green – green waste, that is.
See how compost made from green waste collection is playing a vital role in viticulture.

Insight - H V McNab & Son, Ardmona

What you put into your green waste bin is super important to our farmers – but what you leave out is even more important.
See how getting green waste right is helping farmers like Mitch from H. V. McNab & Sons.

Longevity - Bandicoot Organics, Serpentine

Putting nutrients back is a vital part of caring for our soils.
Find out how 20,000 tonnes of green waste is creating farms for the future.