International Compost Awareness Week

International Compost Awareness Week, celebrated for a week in May every year, is an opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate all things compost. Importantly, it’s a reminder that we all need to know what can go in our green bins and keep plastic, glass, food packaging and other rubbish out.

Household food and green waste is helping this farm grow in Melbourne

Food For Change is a charity growing fruit and vegetables on an urban farm in Melbourne’s east. They’re using compost, made from household food and green waste, collected by your council to help their fruit and vegetables grow. Matt Donovan, Founder and CEO says the compost provides essential nutrients to help plants grow and he’s asking residents to help by keeping rubbish out of their green bin.

Find out how compost helps farms grow

Compost, made from household food and green waste, is helping this farm grow. Compost provides nutrients, stops weeds and pests and helps keep the soil moist.