Better Apartment Guidelines to improve waste and recycling

The Victorian Government’s draft Better Apartment Guidelines to improve standards for new apartment developments is currently open for public consultation.

The draft addresses issues such as adequate daylight, storage, ventilation, energy and noise as well as waste efficiency for the increasing number of high density, multi-unit developments in Melbourne.

Currently there aren’t adequate planning requirements to maximise recycling in apartments so this is a great step forward. Compared to single dwellings, recycling rates in multi-unit developments (MUDs) are much lower, with around 42% of recyclable material not being recovered compared to only around 10% not recovered from single dwellings. Contamination rates of recycling bins are also around 12% higher in MUDs than at single dwellings. The proposed guidelines will improve waste management design in apartments enabling residents to manage their own waste more easily and increase resource recovery rates.

The guidelines propose that new developments must provide dedicated areas for easy collection, separation and storage of general waste and recyclables, including opportunities for on-site management of food waste through composting, where appropriate.

To view the draft Better Apartment Guidelines or to provide feedback on the draft visit DELWP’s Have Your Say website. The consultation period closes at 5pm, 19 September 2016.

Last updated: 22/08/2016