Celebrating the successes of the Litter Hotspots Program

On Tuesday 15 August, MWRRG hosted a celebration event to recognise the achievements of the Litter Hotspots Program grant recipients from rounds one to three.

Since the program began in 2013, almost 120 tonnes of litter has been collected, including over 1.15 million cigarette butts.

Over 40 representatives attended the celebration event, including the Chair of the MWRRG Board, Cr Colleen Gates, MWRRG Board Members, grant recipients, project partners and key portfolio stakeholders.

‘Barry the Butt’ from Beautiful Brimbank/Friends of Kororoit Creek also made a special guest appearance. ‘Barry the Butt’ was developed in a round three funded project to raise awareness about cigarette butt litter.

A range of colourful project collateral was showcased and project grant recipients gave presentations of their Litter Hotspots project.

The event included the launch of MWRRG’s video ‘Catchment Connections’ showcasing the success of the program.

You can find out more about the Litter Hotspots Program and watch ‘Catchment Connections’ on the Litter Hotspots Program page.


Last updated: 15/12/2017