Community resource recovery hubs a success for City of Yarra

The City of Yarra is making it easier for their community to recycle clothing, small household goods and electrical items with their Community Resource Recovery Hubs. The Hubs, which were established at five sites during a recent trial period, fill the gap between the council's kerbside recycling and hard waste collection services. Each Hub consists of a secure bin with bin stickers clearly advertising which items can be accepted, with information about City of Yarra's hard waste collection service. The style of the artwork, which reflects the local Yarra culture, has attracted residents and deterred graffiti.

The Hubs have proven very popular with 50 tonnes of goods collected by Southern Cross Recycling (SCR) Group over the course of the ten month trial, 95 per cent of which were either re-used or recycled. Site selection contributed to the success of the trial (sites were clean, well-lit and exposed to foot traffic), as did a communications campaign that promoted the Hubs through direct mail, social media and on the City of Yarra website.

City of Yarra are now keen to establish more sites and are exploring accepting new materials. SCR Group is open to establishing similar sites within other municipalities.

This project was made possible due to funding from Round Three of the Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund.

For more information, visit the City of Yarra website.



Last updated: 30/11/2017