Draft Fishermans Bend Framework released

The Victorian Government has released the draft Fishermans Bend Framework for public consultation.

The draft Framework is a long term strategic plan for the development of Fishermans Bend to 2050.

The draft Framework will guide investment and development by the state government, local government, the private sector and not-for-profits.

Once finalised, the Framework will guide the transition of Fishermans Bend into a connected, liveable, prosperous, inclusive, healthy and environmentally sustainable place.

As background to the draft Framework, MWRRG has developed a draft Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy in partnership with the Fishermans Bend Taskforce, state government and local councils. We welcome your views and opinions on the draft strategy.

The draft Framework accompanies Planning Scheme Amendment GC81. It is supported by a suite of evidence-based research reports, strategies and plans, available from the Fishermans Bend website.


Last updated: 13/12/2017