Farmers’ Stories launched

MWRRG is very proud to launch the ‘Farmers Stories’ campaign as part of the Back to Earth Initiative.

The Back to Earth Initiative was developed by MWRRG and runs in partnership with 19 metropolitan councils in Melbourne’s north, west and south east, and four regional councils in northern Victoria, to support the successful operation of organics processing facilities.

The purpose of the Back to Earth Initiative is to encourage residents to use their green waste bin correctly, ensuring that green waste can be processed and re-used as organic compost.

‘Farmers’ Stories’ is a four part video campaign showcasing farmers who use Back to Earth compost on their farms.

The short videos are not only informative, but also include footage of Victoria’s beautiful regional landscape and have been designed to be shared easily on social media.

To watch the videos and hear the farmers’ stories, visit or the Back to Earth Facebook page.



Last updated: 07/08/2017