Have your say on shifting Victoria to a circular economy

The Victorian Government is developing a circular economy policy for Victoria and has released an issues paper for public consultation. We strongly encourage you to read the issues paper and have your say on this important topic.

The implementation of a circular economy policy will support Victoria to transition from the traditional linear model of consumption to a circular model that maximises the reuse of materials and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Shifting to a more circular economy will help make Victoria’s recycling system more resilient and sustainable, grow the economy, increase jobs and reduce impacts on the environment.

The government wants to hear from businesses and organisations, communities, councils and households. Share your thoughts on any barriers that are stopping you from improving your material use, how these barriers could be overcome and what opportunities you could realise if they were removed.

The circular economy policy issues paper is open for consultation until 2 August 2019 at engage.vic.gov.au/circulareconomy


Last updated: 27/08/2019