Help shape planning for the Fisherman’s Bend precinct

The Fisherman’s Bend inner city renewal project is holding a public workshop evening on Wed 23 November. Hear the latest updates and contribute your ideas to maximising recycling and reducing waste to landfill in the area.

Your feedback can help shape the draft framework, which will be released for further consultation in early 2017, so register now to attend

The waste and resource recovery vision for Fisherman’s Bend:
Recycling will be maximised and waste to landfill reduced. Waste management systems will divert organic waste from landfills. Construction and demolition waste recycling opportunities will be maximised through reuse and recovery of building materials. Opportunities for advanced resource recovery (such as energy from waste) will be investigated, as will local, place-based waste solutions. Building design guidelines will support increased rates of recycling and diversion from landfill through best practice design and operation.



Last updated: 07/11/2016