Keeping green waste out of landfill in the south east

MWRRG welcomes the Clean Energy Finance Corp’s announcement today that it will loan $38 million towards a new state-of-the art composting facility that will provide part of the kerbside organic waste solution for eight councils in Melbourne’s south east.

The facility is being built by Sacyr, who in conjunction with Cleanaway and Veolia are contracted to process council green waste as part of the South East Organics Processing agreement with MWRRG.

Through this collective contract, Sacyr has been guaranteed a sufficient amount of kerbside organic material to establish a large scale facility in Melbourne which has processing capacity of 120,000 tonnes of green and food waste each year.

The collective contract is facilitated by MWRRG and involves Bayside, Cardinia, Casey, Frankston, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Kingston and Monash councils.

The Clean Energy Finance Corp has committed to loaning up to $38 million towards the $65 million facility.

Diverting organic waste from landfill means that methane produced during decomposition is not released to the atmosphere where it is a major greenhouse gas.

Methane released to the atmosphere is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide which traps heat and contributes to climate change.

Organic waste comprises about 42 per cent of the waste sent to landfill. Diverting green and food waste to this new facility will allow it to be processed instead to turn it into useful end products such as compost.

These contracts will ensure Melbourne’s organics processing network is on track to exceed the target set out in the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan of 400,000 tonnes of capacity by 2021.


Last updated: 02/10/2018