MWRRG 2020-21 Annual Report published

MWRRG’s Annual Report was tabled in the Parliament of Victoria on 2 December 2021. It’s been an extraordinary year of change and transformation for Victoria’s waste and resource recovery sector. We’re proud to be leading the way—delivering large scale procurements for essential infrastructure and services and ensuring metropolitan councils can meet the requirements of the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy and plan, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

We’re really proud of our efforts to minimise waste and maximise resource recovery. 

Highlights from the Annual Report include:

  • Effectively managing contracts for councils worth approximately $150 million annually including nine landfill contracts on behalf of 26 councils with 861,332 tonnes of waste; and five food and green waste processing contracts on behalf of 26 councils with 344,268 tonnes of waste.
  • Strengthening the waste and resource recovery sector through collaborative procurements for landfill services for 30 councils worth $96.8 million and progressed one for kerbside recycling.
  • Finding smarter use of waste through the procurement of advanced waste processing solutions on behalf of councils in Melbourne’s south east, who formally indicated they will join the special purpose vehicle to manage the facility and three shortlisted respondents taking part in solution development stage.
  • Delivering the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy and plan, Recycling Victoria: a new economy through a detailed all WRRG project plan and ensuring 100% of Victorian councils registered and developed a plan to transition to the new four bin system. We also advised and provided feedback to 42 community groups and 12 councils on grant applications. 
  • Building council capacity and developing industry networks through 24 events and workshops, new resources for councils and communities and a waste and resource recovery hub plan for Hallam Road. 
  • Increasing food and green waste recovery, with 22 councils providing a recycling service and nine planning to do so and, a new guide to help business implement food waste recycling. 

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Last updated: 09/12/2021