MWRRG guides councils to deliver recycling plans

All councils and alpine resorts across the state have submitted draft plans to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to show how they will transition their kerbside services to meet Recycling Victoria requirements.

The draft transition plans are the first stage of the Recycling Victoria kerbside recycling reforms, which required councils to describe their current service model and the actions that will be needed to implement the four bin or equivalent access service models.

MWRRG hosted online workshops, interpreted requirements for councils and provided support to ensure the development of the plans were completed on time.

We also:

  • worked directly with councils to achieve project outcomes
  • ensured a consistent approach to transition planning
  • supplied information (e.g. data, leading practice examples) to councils
  • provided guidance to councils on community engagement and stakeholder consultation
  • responded to queries, risks and issues raised by councils with collaborative solutions.

A survey of councils showed 100% found MWRRG’s transition planning workshops helpful, with nearly half (43%) saying they were extremely helpful.

MWRRG will continue to guide and support councils to help them finalise their transition plans which are due six months in advance of the commencement of service changes.

The plans will help DELWP develop a comprehensive statewide transition plan to deliver the objectives of Recycling Victoria.

Photo courtesy of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.


Last updated: 28/10/2020