New Back to Earth Initiative videos released

We are delighted to launch two new Farmers’ Stories videos this month as part of the Back to Earth Initiative. The videos are designed to raise community awareness about what happens to green waste after it’s picked up from the kerb and to encourage residents to use their green waste bins correctly.

Showcasing a dairy farmer and a plant nursery using compost made from recycled green waste, the videos reinforce the message that household green waste is a valuable resource and emphasise the importance of leaving plastic and other rubbish out.

The videos were designed for use on social media, with both 30sec and 1min versions available. Videos have been circulated to all Back to Earth councils and we strongly encourage councils to share these with residents via social media, websites and newsletters.

You can watch the videos and find out more about the Back to Earth Initiative by visiting or the Back to Earth Initiative Facebook page.

If you have any further questions about the videos, or the Back to Earth Initiative please contact Senior Communications Adviser Joshua Rule on 8698 9828 or


Last updated: 20/05/2020