New facility to boost Melbourne’s organic processing capacity

A new state-of-the art composting facility, opened last week in Dandenong South, will boost the capacity to process green and food waste into useful compost when it starts operating in August.

The $65 million facility, built by Sacyr Environment Australia, was made possible under a contract negotiated by MWRRG on behalf of eight councils to process kerbside green and food waste.

Through this collective contract, Sacyr is guaranteed enough waste material to establish the South East Melbourne Composting Facility, which has processing capacity of 120,000 tonnes of green and food waste each year.

Green and food waste comprises about 42 per cent of the waste sent to landfill. Diverting this waste to the new facility will allow it to be processed instead to turn it into useful end products such as compost.

This facility, built as a part of the collective contract, will ensure Melbourne’s green and food waste processing network is on track to exceed the target set out in the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan of 400,000 tonnes of capacity by 2021.

Image: (From left to right) Cr Collin Ross (Board Director, MWRRG), Cr Sam Alessi (Board Director, MWRRG), Nina Taylor MLC (Member for the Southern Metropolitan Region), Carlos Gros (Director, Sacyr), Rob Millard (CEO, MWRRG), Paul McCartney (Chief Investment Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation). 


Last updated: 20/05/2019