Timor-Leste delegation visits MWRRG

In early August, seventeen Timorese public servants and officials visited Victoria for a two week training program supporting improved urban planning and waste management skills.

The participants came from a range of ministries within the Government of Timor-Leste, representing areas such as urban planning, environmental management, water and sanitation, and municipal administration.

Over the two weeks they completed professional training units, visiting sites across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, and spending time with their professional counterparts in Victorian organisations.

The Victorian Government and Government of Timor-Leste share a longstanding friendship, with programs such as this being critical in helping to build skills in Timor-Leste's government sector.

MWRRG was proud to host a discussion with four delegates (Claudinha Soares Pinto and Alexandrino de Araujo Gomes, Ministry of State Administration; Alfredo Martins, Bobonaro Municipal Authority; and Amenica Machado, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment) on 15 August.

The conversation was free flowing, diverse and valuable. Participants exchanged perspectives on problematic materials such as organics, plastic bottles and different approaches to managing those materials.

The Acting CEO of MWRRG Corey Hale welcomed the delegates and Julie Garbutt and Nick Harris from MWRRG’s Strategy Team facilitated the conversation. Both Julie and Nick found the experience rewarding, humbling and to be a great opportunity.



Last updated: 23/08/2017