Advanced Waste Processing

A new solution to manage kerbside waste

By 2046, 7.5 million people will call Melbourne home, and municipal residual waste (garbage collected from households) will grow by 65%.

This will have a significant impact if we don’t look for new ways to manage the waste we produce.

We need a smarter solution that will do more with the valuable resources that are being put in landfill.

MWRRG has been funded by the Sustainability Fund to prepare a business case for advanced waste processing infrastructure that can process Melbourne’s kerbside waste instead of sending it straight to landfill.

The business case for advanced waste processing in Melbourne

MWRRG has developed the Metropolitan Regional Business Case for Advanced Waste Processing. It demonstrates that advanced waste processing is a viable alternative to deal with Melbourne’s growing municipal waste and can reduce Melbourne’s reliance on landfill.

What we found

  • Advanced waste processing can recover more resources from waste currently sent to landfill and help keep more waste out of landfill.
  • Food and garden organics recycling is important but some form of energy recovery will be required to achieve objectives. 
  • Advanced waste processing will deliver environmental and social benefits.


Executive Summary

Executive Summary


Regional Business Case

Regional Business Case


Next steps

The Metropolitan Regional Business Case demonstrates the viability of advanced waste processing and validates further investigation of potential solutions.

MWRRG will continue to work with councils across Melbourne to explore the opportunities available through advanced waste processing.


Last updated: 15/10/2018