Recyclables processing procurement

The Central and Western Recyclables Receival and Processing Contract provides kerbside recycling processing for the councils of Brimbank, Melbourne, Port Phillip and Wyndham.

SKM Industries Pty Ltd is contracted to sustainably receive and process all commingled recyclables and bulk cardboard for this council group for a period of 10 years (until 2026).

The combined significant volume and consistent supply of recyclable materials from these councils allows the contractor to invest in providing ‘best practice’ facilities. This includes employing measures to minimise the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, producing useable and marketable end-products or energy, committing to the marketing and sale of all resulting end-products, and continuously improving recycling and waste diversion processes and capacity to recycle and reuse a wider range of materials.

As a result of this contract, SKM Industries will be processing approximately 50,000 tonnes of recyclable material from the participating councils each year.  Melbourne households generate approximately 400,000 tonnes of recycling each year.

Last updated: 11/03/2016