Recycling collaborative procurement

MWRRG is leading a statewide collaborative procurement for processing kerbside recycling in partnership with six regional waste and resource recovery groups on behalf of 79 councils and four alpine resorts. The procurement will deliver facilities for the processing of kerbside recycling with capacity and security for the future. 

The project supports the vision and goals of the Victorian Government’s Recycling Industry Strategic Plan through strategically developed collaborative procurements. It will contribute to building a resilient recycling sector in Victoria characterised by:  

  • adaptability to market disruptions and opportunities  
  • cost effective, safe and reliable household services  
  • current resource recovery rates with opportunity for future growth  
  • long term supply of recycled materials for downstream markets and uses    
  • being part of a waste and resource recovery system informed by circular economy principles, from production, to consumption, to resource recovery.

Last updated: 29/09/2020