Litter Hotspots: Hook, Line and Litter

Wyndham City Council

The Hook, Line and Litter project tackled fishing related litter at key fishing locations along the Werribee River and Werribee South Foreshore. The project involved a combination of infrastructure, education and enforcement approaches to capture and reduce fishing lines and tackle entering local waterways and the Port Phillip Bay.

Activities included installing 'Seal the Loop' bins, development of educational signage in partnership with the community group Take 3, face-to-face education sessions with recreational fishers, and clean ups at peak periods. 

Key achievements from this project included:

  • an average litter reduction of 63% at hotspots sites 
  • collecting more than 2,500kg of litter 
  • installing 10 'Seal the Loop' bins.



  • Wyndham City Council - Hook, Line and Litter Final Report Report 774 KB

    This report was written by the Wyndham City Council as part of their Litter Hotspots funded project 'Hook, Line and Litter'. The report highlights the project's key activities, including communications, PR and marketing as well as hotspot data and approaches taken to reduce fishing litter at key fishing locations by installing Seal the Loop bins and partnering with Take 3. 

Last updated: 20/05/2020