Litter Hotspots: Keeping Westgate Park litter free

Friends of Westgate Park Inc.

This project was a community-partnered project aimed at reducing litter in Westgate Park and along its Yarra River frontage. Friends of Westgate Park partnered with a range of volunteer-based organisations, such as the Port Phillip EcoCentre, Landcare and Conservation Volunteers Australia to conduct litter clean-ups and community awareness raising activities.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • collecting 400 containers for recycling
  • installing a 1,100 litre bin.


  • Friends of Westgate Park Inc. - Keeping Westgate Park Litter Free Final Report Report 319 KB

    This final report was written by the Friends of Westgate Park Inc. as part of their Litter Hotspots funded project 'Keeping Westgate Park Litter Free'. The report highlights the project's key activities, including communications, PR and marketing as well as hotspot data and approaches taken to reducing litter in Westgate Park and along its Yarra River frontage. 

Last updated: 20/05/2020