Litter Hotspots: Wader Beach for Birds Not Litter

Friends of Williamstown Wetlands

The Friends of Williamstown Wetlands' (FOWW) 'Wader Beach for Birds not Litter' project received two rounds of funding. The community group's first project was aimed at identifying the nature and extent of litter washing up on Wader Beach, east of the mouth of Kororoit Creek near Williamstown. This was done by conducting litter surveys to identify where litter was coming by analysing tidal movements and its effect on litter. This led to FOWW developing an action plan to clean up and reduce litter in the high conservation area, and prevent the mobilisation of litter in the Port Phillip Bay.

FOWW's second project focused on gathering more evidence on litter sources and its impact on marine life. They also engaged with the local community to raise awareness of the impact of litter.

FOWW's action plan involved:

  • conducting surveys to gather further evidence on litter sources and its impacts on marine life
  • investigating waterways and drainage systems that may transport litter into Port Phillip Bay and onto Wader Beach
  • raising awareness in the local community of the impacts of litter and what they can do to help
  • strengthening partnerships and identifying responsibilities for reducing litter into the future.

The overall key achievements from FOWW's projects included:

  • collecting over 4,300kg of litter 
  • conducting a series of community education events to raise awareness of the impact litter
  • an analysis report on findings from litter surveys.



Last updated: 20/05/2020