Litter Hotspots: Cigarette butt litter prevention campaign

City of Greater Dandenong

The Butt Litter Prevention campaign focused on Springvale and Dandenong’s central business districts. The campaign reduced butt litter pollution in and around the rain gardens that filter through to the nearby Dandenong Creek. The City of Greater Dandenong also worked with external stakeholders, visitors to Springvale and Dandenong and local businesses as well as the wider local community, using a combination of infrastructure, education and engagement and enforcement activities.

This project received a 2017 Keep Victoria Beautiful Award for litter prevention.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • creation of a #MsNoButts mascot
  • over 20,000 #MsNoButts views on YouTube
  • collecting more than 10,000 cigarette butts 
  • 71% reduction in littered cigarette butts at hotspot sites.



Last updated: 20/05/2020