Litter Hotspots: Keep Kingsway Clean

Monash City Council

A shopping strip trader engagement program focused on protecting stormwater from cigarette butt litter, oils and food waste arising from traders in Kingsway, Glen Waverley. Monash City Council developed educational resources and interpretative signage for culturally diverse communities, including drain stenciling and water testing with the aim of reducing floating litter and stormwater pollution in Scotchman's and Gardiners Creeks.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • a cigarette butt reduction of 75%
  • 40% increase in business traders' understanding of stormwater 
  • a reduction in dumped rubbish at hotspots sites.



  • Monash City Council - Keep Kingsway Clean Final Report Report 1.4 MB

    This report was written by Monash City Council as part of their Litter Hotspots funded project 'Keep Kingsway Clean'. The report highlights the project's activities to reduce cigarette butt litter, oils and food waste from businesses in Kingsway to prevent pollution from entering the Scotchmans and Gardiners Creeks. 

  • Monash City Council - Keep Kingsway Clean bilingual decal Promotional item 139 KB

    This bilingual decal was designed to educate business owners that only rain should go down the drain to keep rivers clean. 

  • Case study: Keeping Kingsway Clean - Monash Case Study 1.3 MB

    This case study examines Monash Council's Keeping Kingsway Clean project and measures taken to engage with traders and the community about the importance of preventing litter, not dumping rubbish and keeping waterways clean.

Last updated: 20/05/2020