Litter Hotspots: Love Where You Live

Beautiful Brimbank/Friends of Kororoit Creek

The Love Where You Live drain project raised public awareness of the cycle of litter from street to creek in the Sunshine area. Love Where You Live brought together community groups, local primary schools and businesses to collaborate on improving the health of Kororoit Creek and connected waterways leading to Port Phillip Bay.

With support and guidance from Melbourne Water and Brimbank City Council, the project developed art-based drainage education with supporting environmental messaging, undertook beautification planting and organised direct action clean ups to create long-term cultural change on litter prevention.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • 58% reduction in litter at hotspots sites
  • 100 decals created and installed in schools
  • creation of the "Barry the Butt It Bin It" mascot 
  • over 1,000kg of litter collected.



Last updated: 20/05/2020