Litter Hotspots: Reducing litter and dumped rubbish along significant waterways

City of Whittlesea

An upstream education, infrastructure and enforcement project targeting litter and stormwater pollution in the Merri, Edgar and Darebin Creeks and Plenty River. Whittlesea Council employed a Litter Prevention Officer to target litter and rubbish emanating from high growth residential building sites and estates impacting on stormwater and local waterways. The project focused on site clean ups, community engagement, awareness raising, installing litter infrastructure and surveillance equipment.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • 54% reduction in illegal dumping at hotspot sites 
  • successfully enforcing 46 infringements, totalling over $17,000
  • investigating over 1,000 reported incidences of dumped rubbish.



Last updated: 20/05/2020