Litter Hotspots: Smart Bins, Stop Litter

Hume City Council

Smart Bins, Stop Litter was a bin infrastructure and engagement project that trialled solar bins in litter hotspots to reduce litter by improving amenity and bin disposal responsibility of precinct users. ‘Smart bins’ were installed by Hume City Council in three separate locations: a fast food business precinct in Campbellfield, a local school and shop precinct in Craigieburn, and a café precinct in Tullamarine. These locations presented a servicing challenge: bin capacity, rate of bins filling, and the timing for peak bin usage.

Key achievements from this project included:

  • installation of three solar operated smart bins 
  • collecting 850kg of litter 
  • decreased litter at hotspot sites.



  • Hume City Council Final - Smart Bins, Stop Litter Report Report 751 KB

    This report was written by Hume City Council as part of their Litter Hotspots funded project 'Smart Bins, Stop Litter'.The report highlights the project's key activities, including communications, PR and marketing as well as litter reduction data and approaches taken to trial solar bins in fast food and business precincts and near a school. 

Last updated: 20/05/2020