Litter Hotspots Round Three

On 23 July 2015 the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water announced a third round of Litter Hotspots funding to address localised litter issues impacting the Port Phillip Bay and the waterways, canals, drains and rivers that feed into it.

Nine local government, business and community projects received a total of $121,999 in funding to implement a range of litter prevention and clean-up projects to stop litter from entering storm water drains and impacting the Port Phillip Bay catchment.

Round Three builds on the previous two rounds of Litter Hotspot grants providing a grand total of around $1.5 million in funding for 35 litter prevention projects.

The table below outlines the Round Three projects, the funding they were allocated and their activities.

2015-16 Small Grants
Council/organisationProject summaryFunding
City of Greater Dandenong

Greater Dandenong cigarette butt litter prevention campaign

The Butt Litter Prevention campaign will focus on the Springvale and Dandenong’s Central Business Districts. The campaign will aim to reduce butt litter pollution in and around the rain gardens that filter through to nearby Dandenong Creek. Council will work with external stakeholders, visitors to Springvale and Dandenong and local businesses as well as the wider local community, using a combination of infrastructure, education and engagement and enforcement activities.

Nillumbik Shire Council

Ramp up litter prevention – Eltham Skate Park

Ramp Up Litter Prevention is a partnership involving Nillumbik Council, local schools, businesses and organisations. The project aims to transform Eltham Skate Park and the Bridge Street underpass from an area that is heavily littered to a site that sees less litter entering nearby Diamond Creek. The project will involve the installation of new bins and vibrant student-driven artwork in public spaces, education and engagement and monitoring activities to improve personal responsibility for litter disposal and prevention and raise awareness of the impacts of litter on local waterways, including that of the platypus.

Upper Yarra River Reserves Committee of Management

Plastic Bag Free Warburton – Litter prevention program

Plastic Bag Free Warburton is a village township initiative aimed at becoming a plastic bag free township to reduce plastic bag litter entering the Upper Yarra River and overall amount of plastic litter in the local community. The project will partner with local groups and businesses to deliver community education programs, support traders, including the development of plastic bag alternatives and conduct tourist promotional and educational activities. The project will also lead to the development of communication tools and messaging to raise awareness and build local capacity to continue to reduce plastic litter entering local stormwater drains and the Upper Yarra River.

Wyndham City Council

Hook, Line and Litter

The Hook, Line and Litter project aims to tackle fishing related litter at key fishing locations along the Werribee River and Werribee South Foreshore. The project will involve a mix of infrastructure, education and enforcement approaches to capture and reduce fishing lines and tackle entering local waterways and the Port Phillip Bay. Activities include installing Seal the Loop bins, development of educational signage in partnership with community group Take 3 and running face to face educational sessions with fishermen/women and clean ups at peak periods as well as continuing with current enforcement measures.

Friends of Williamstown Wetlands Incorporated

Wader Beach for birds not litter – tracking the plastic

Wader Beach for Birds not Litter was funded under the Litter Hotspots Project Round 2. Part of that project was to develop an Action Plan to further minimise litter in the area.
This project will implement the Action Plan by:

  • conducting surveys to gather more evidence on litter sources and impacts on marine life.
  • investigating waterways and drainage systems that may transport litter into Port Phillip Bay and onto Wader Beach.
  • raising awareness in the local community of the impacts of litter and what they can do to help.
  • strengthening partnerships and identifying responsibilities for reducing litter into the future.
Maroondah City Council

Dorset Recreation Reserve Impact on Tarralla Creek

This Dorset Recreation Reserve Impact on Taralla Creek project is a litter reduction campaign targeting litter and dog poo waste at the Dorset Recreation Reserve and its adjoining trail along the Taralla Creek in Maroondah.

Delivered by Local Laws, this initiative involves the installation and placement of new bin infrastructure, increased signage, education and engagement with the general users of the reserve and local dog clubs, as well as monitoring activities to measure impact and changes. Animal Management Officers will also provide a presence to improve personal responsibility for litter and dog poo disposal.

The project aims to build on past successes in litter prevention along the Mullum Mullum Creek (made possible through previous Hotspot funding).

Beautiful Brimbank/Friends of Kororoit Creek

Love Where you Live Drain project

The Love Where You Live drain project aims to raise public awareness of the cycle of litter from street to creek in the Sunshine area. Love Where You Live brings together several community groups, local primary schools and businesses to collaborate on improving the health of Kororoit Creek and connected waterways leading to Port Phillip Bay. With support and guidance from Melbourne Water and Brimbank Council, the project seeks to develop art-based drainage education with supporting environmental messaging, undertake beautification planting and organise direct action clean ups to create long term cultural change on litter prevention.

Hume City Council

Smart Bins, Stop Litter

Smart Bins, Stop Litter is a bin infrastructure, and engagement project that seeks to trial the use of solar bins in litter hot spots to reduce litter by improving amenity and bin disposal responsibility of precinct users. ‘Smart bins’ will be installed by Hume Council in three separate locations: a take away precinct in Campbellfield, a local school and shop precinct in Craigieburn and a café precinct in Tullamarine. These locations are all unique in that they present a servicing challenge in terms of bin capacity; rate of bins filling; and the timing for peak bin usage (after ours).

City of Whittlesea

Cover Your Load

Cover Your Load is a community litter prevention education and behaviour change campaign being implemented in the City of Whittlesea to change the long term behaviour of residents using the Wollert Landfill and the Cooper Street Recycling Precinct.

The campaign primarily aims to highlight the environmental benefits of covering trailer loads when in transit in order to:

  • reduce roadside litter and debris
  • protect nearby parklands and waterways
  • improve the safety of municipal roads.
9 Projects Total funding $121,999

Last updated: 26/05/2016