City of Melbourne: Improving MUDs Recycling

This project was developed to address the low recycling diversion rates from multi-unit developments (MUDs) in the City of Yarra and City of Melbourne. Both municipalities have high proportions of MUDs compared with other housing types. MUDs typically have lower recycling rates than single dwellings due to the barriers for disposing material into recycling as opposed to landfill.

The project aimed to increase recycling capacity, improve education and engagement with residents and trial innovative solutions in both privately and publicly owned and operated MUDs. The project was implemented by each of the two partner municipalities with oversight from a project control group including both municipalities and a representative from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group to guide the project and coordinate planning, implementation and evaluation. The project was evaluated through site visits, visual inspections of bins, detailed compositional audits and feedback from participating building managers and residents.

The project objectives established as part of the funding agreement, which both municipalities aimed to achieve, were to:

  • improve recycling in privately-owned MUDs
  • improve recycling quality and quantity in public housing MUDs
  • trial innovative solutions.

This project saw substantial improvements in recycling capacity and quality of material collected at targeted multi-unit dwellings. The project successfully increased recycling capacity, improved education and engagement with residents, and trialled innovative solutions in public and private MUDs in the cities of Melbourne and Yarra. Traditional communication means such as letter-box drops, posters, displays, workshops and stalls were successful in engaging residents in the program. The audit results demonstrate there are still some challenges to overcome to achieve quality recycling in MUDs and there is also a potential to adapt and expand the program to other municipalities.

Project resources:

  • MUDs MF R3 Final Report - Melbourne Report 1.2 MB

    This final report outlines the outcomes, findings, project highlights and recommendations for the City of Melbourne 'MUDs' Project. This Metro Fund Round 3 project aimed to successfully to address the low recycling diversion rates from multi-unit developments (MUDs) in the City of Melbourne and City of Yarra in both privately and publicly owned and operated MUDs.  

Last updated: 20/05/2020