The Organics Fund

The Metropolitan Organics Strategy Fund (Organics Fund) is a $3.3 million Victorian Government initiative to increase the recovery, processing and use of organic waste collected by metropolitan councils.

The Organics Fund aims to assist metropolitan Melbourne councils and industry to:

  • increase the recovery, processing and beneficial use of garden and (then extend to) food organics
  • support a sustainable network of facilities capable of processing food and garden organic material from both the municipal and commercial sectors
  • improve community understanding of organics recycling to maximise the recovery of organics
  • develop an integrated communications & education program to households to minimise contamination of collected organics
  • maximise economic value and environmental outcomes
  • promote marketing opportunities for use of organic products.

The Organics Fund helps to divert significant volumes of organics from landfill through delivering community education programs , procuring and upgrading infrastructure, improving organics transfer and consolidation, developing end markets for compost products, and supporting research and development into the use of organics and commercial organic waste streams.

The Organics Fund works in coordination with other Victorian Government programs, including the Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund (Metro Fund).

$1.7 million of the Organics Fund was allocated to establish organics processing facilities in north west, east and south east metropolitan Melbourne. A further $819,000 was allocated to a variety of development projects such as research, ‘food and green’ trials and reporting.

In October 2014, $961,000 from the Organics Fund was provided in grants to deliver projects to maximise the economic value of organic waste through the development and improvement of end-products, infrastructure and collection systems. The remaining balance of the fund has been used for strategic organic projects as approved by the MWRRG Board.

Last updated: 30/11/2017